Frequently Asked Questions

Are you open everyday?

We are open Tuesday to Sunday. We are closed on Mondays, except Bank Holiday Mondays.

When is the best time to phone?

Between 8.30am and 6.30pm. When booking we will need the heights and weights of all the riders and their level of experience also a contact phone number. Unfortunately we cannot always reach the 'phone, please leave a message on the answer machine and we will call back asap. When leaving your number please speak slowly!!

It is often easier to email, please enter our email address in your address bar as those sent via our web site are not being received!

What time do the rides start?

10.30am and 2pm. Please arrive 10 to 15mins before. Please don't come too early as the staff may well be on their lunch break!

The shorter 1hr ride is usually at 2pm only. 

The 3 hour ride starts at 10am. 

Do I need to pay a deposit and how should I pay?

To secure phone bookings; A deposit of £10 is required for most rides, this can be made by bank transfer. Payment on the day is cash only or if paying by bank transfer this should be done prior to arrival.

What happens if I come with a friend who can't ride?

On short rides (one hour) and full day rides we go at the pace of the least experienced rider. On the two hour ride the riders can be split up with the experienced riders taking an extra loop where they have the opportunity for a good canter before rejoining the less experienced riders.

The escorts are happy to lead any clients from their own horse if required.

Do you provide hats?

We also have a small selection of boots which, if they fit, clients are welcome to borrow.

What should I wear?

Full length trousers or jeans. As the centre is in an exposed area, layers of warm clothing are advisable. Bring waterproof clothing if necessary. Please don't wear costume jewelry such as loop earrings which may get caught in headgear etc. Wearing gloves is also advised

Are trainers OK?

They are not ideal but are acceptable as a last resort but should be well fastened and not the slip on variety. Safety toe cages are used on all the saddles which prevent your foot slipping through the stirrup. Heavy hiking boots are not suitable as they may become stuck in the stirrup.

What size are your horses?

13.2 to 17 hands, the majority being 15 hands plus.
We can cater for weights up to 17 stone, however, due to the rugged terrain it is hard work for the horses so if you are close to our limit please weigh yourself to be sure.
Accurate details of height, weight and experience must be given when booking so that we can match you to the right horse.

What do we do on arrival?

You will be required to fill in and sign a form detailing riding experience and pay before going out.
You will be fitted with a riding hat and then taken to where the horses are. Once there you will be issued with a high vis tabard.

Do you go on the roads?

All the rides have a percentage of road work however the roads are very open and mainly country lanes. The level surface of roads enables novice riders to establish their balance before going on to the more rugged bridle paths.

Where do the rides go?

The two hour ride follows a route to Three Shires Head. There are other routes depending on rider experience.

At what age do you take children?

From 8 years old unless the child  has regular lessons or is an experienced rider.
We do go out on the roads and our minimum pony size is 13.2 hands making it unsuitable for very young children.

What if there is bad weather forecast?

Weather conditions we cancel rides for are: thunder and lightning, ice and snow and also gales. There may also be other times when we feel it unsuitable to ride depending on the experience of the clients.
We will let riders know if we have to cancel hence the importance of a contact phone number.
We reserve the right to shorten rides due to impending adverse weather conditions. For example: if there is torrential rain at Flash we will contact clients ASAP if we feel the weather is too severe.

What happens if I cancel? 

If cancelled within 24 hours of the ride, the full price must be paid.
If cancelled within 72 hours, the deposit is lost.
For one and two hour rides- if cancelling within 24 hours the full price will be taken
For full day rides- if cancelling within 48 hours the full price must be paid.
For Trail Rides, weekend/short breaks including accommodation- payment is required two weeks prior to the holiday. The deposit is non-refundable.
Clients are advised to take out holiday insurance for trail rides and short breaks.

If the weather is really foul in Flash we will call clients first thing in the morning to advise them. We do understand if clients call to re-arrange or cancel due to weather conditions on the day and charges are not made in these circumstances.


How many people do I need in a group before I qualify for group rates?

Discuss with the proprietor, please phone for rates and terms.

Are you insured? Am I insured if I fall off?

Northfield Farm has public liability insurance. However riders ride at their own risk and we advise all clients to have their own personal accident insurance.

Is there parking at the Centre?

Yes. There is parking for clients in the car park at the entrance to Northfield Farm. Cars are parked at owner's risk.

Do you give lessons?

No. There are no formal lessons but we do endeavour to help clients on rides.  

Contact address: Northfield Farm, Flash, Near Buxton, Derbyshire. SK17 0SW

Compliments & Complaints.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy your ride and are happy to post your experience on Trip Advisor, if, however, you are not satisfied please make your complaint know immediately as it is very difficult to rectify problems after you have left the stables.

There are occasions when clients have not been able to go as 'fast' as they would have liked - please be aware that the terrain in this area does not lend itself to long, flat out gallops and the safety of both horse and rider is paramount. Clients are asked to respect the decision of our staff if they are not perhaps permitted to go faster than the staff feel they are safely capable!